01 Trig Mic Laser Pick

  • Smart drum trigger “TrigMic™ LaserPick” – professional music equipment. This is complete solution with two laser-triggers and multilayer sound module in one compact enclosure
  • Smart drum trigger fixes onto the hoop of kick drum
  • Standard XLR-type connector allows to route the audio signal to the mixer console directly
  • Contains a set of factory-preloaded sounds
  • User can upload own sounds from smartphone or laptop
  • Adjustable parameters of dynamics
  • Remote control via Bluetooth
  • Audio format – 44100Hz 24Bit Mono
  • Output level, max – 250mV peak (-10dBu)
  • Supply – One AA cell (1.2 to 4.4V)
  • Number of Files – in each bank up to 5
  • Number of Banks – 2